OrthoInTouch & MailChimp Integration

Mass Emails

OrthoInTouch & MailChimp Integration


OrthoInTouch automatically exports your patient and responsible party contact information to the highly popular MailChimp email marketing platform! MailChimp has over 5 million users and offers excellent features for newsletter and email campaigns. Best of all, they offer a no-cost plan for up to 2,000 contacts and 12,000 emails per month for FREE! Follow the instructions below to automatically synchronize your patient & responsible party contacts with your MailChimp Lists!

Step 1:

Sign up With MailChimp

Visit www.mailchimp.com and click “Sign Up Free” in the top right corner. Fill out the register form using a valid email account and password.  You will then be asked to complete your registration. Follow MailChimp’s instructions for verifying your account.

Step 2:

Create Matching Location Lists

Log In to your MailChimp account.  Click on “Lists” from the right side navigation, then “Create List” from the top right. Create a list for each office location.  The list names must be identical to the office location names listed in OrthoInTouch -> Settings -> Locations & Templates.  If the list name & office location name does not match, the import/export will fail.

Step 3:

Send us your API Key

Once you have created a MailChimp list which matches each office location name, send OrthoInTouch your MailChimp API key. This can be found by visiting the account section of MailChimp. Click Extras -> API Keys -> Create Key.

Step 4:

Enable the Sync

Make sure in your OrthoInTouch settings you have MailChimp Sync checked, look periodically to make sure your list get populated in each office list.

Step 5:

Create & Send Campaigns

Create a MailChimp campaign and start sending emails!